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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions of our crew.

Q. How long is the cruise?
A. The average whale watch cruise is 3 1/2-41/2 hours, depending on the location of the whales.

Q. What kind of whales do you see?
A. Every trip is different, but we may see Humpbacks, Finbacks, Minke whales, and even the occasional Northern Right Whale. There is also a chance of seeing Dolphins, Harbor Porpoises, Pilot Whales, Harbor Seals, Ocean Sunfish, Tuna, and Sharks! We also see a variety of sea birds as well.

Q. What happens if we do not see a whale on our trip?
A. Capt. John Boats has a 99% success rate for seeing whales on all of our trips since 1977! However, if we do not see a whale on your particular trip, we will give you a pass to come again for free. Sorry no cash refunds.

Q. Is there food available on the trip?
A. Yes, we have a full galley on board serving hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, and a variety of other items. We also have alcoholic beverages available for those 21 years or older.

Q. Are there restrooms on the boat?
A. Yes, all of our boats are equipped with clean mens & ladies restrooms.

Q. What should I do if I'm prone to seasickness?
A. Although most of our trips are fairly smooth, If you are prone to seasickness, you may want to take motion sickness pills an hour before the trip. People have also had luck with the "wristbands" and "ear patches". If we know ahead of time that it will be a bumpy trip, we will inform passengers before you purchase tickets, and we may recommend waiting for another trip to those who are prone to seasickness.

Q. Do you go out in the rain?
A. Yes, the boat has an enclosed main cabin to get out of the weather, but you may want to bring a rain jacket so you can get better viewing of the whales.

Q. How far ahead of time should we make reservations?
A. It depends on the time of year, but a week ahead of time is always a good idea. You may want to call us to check on availibility. (800) 242-2469.

Q. Do you have a person on board to talk about whales?
A. There is a naturalist, a professional marine biologist, on board narrating your trip for you. They describe everything that you will see and are available for any questions that you have on your trip.

Q. What do we need to bring on the whale watch?
A. You may want to bring a camera with you, a jacket or sweatshirt, binoculars, rubber sole shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

Q. Is it colder out on the water?
A. Typically it is at times a little cooler on the water, so pack a sweatshirt or you can visit the Tales of the Sea gift store to get one for a souvenir.

Q. Where do we go to see the whales?
A. We see many whales in Cape Cod Bay and the feeding grounds of Stellwagen Bank.

This company adheres to NOAA’s Northeast whale watching guidelines


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