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Why Choose Cape Cod for Whale Watching?

Cape Cod Bay is the Ultimate Whale Watching Destination

Located off the coast of Massachusetts in the North Atlantic Ocean, Cape Cod Bay has a tremendous whale population with a range of species, giving you the opportunity to see whales you may have only read about. At Captain John Boats, we take groups out on whale-watching excursions from Plymouth and Provincetown, getting you up close with humpback, finback, and minke whales and more.

Cape Cod Whale History

Cape Cod’s whale watching history dates back more than 40 years, with a long period prior to that of whaling. While whale hunting has been banned since the 1980s to help protect whales from going extinct, this long history of navigating the waters and interacting with these majestic creatures has given touring boats and naturalists exceptional knowledge and skills to help provide you with the best whale watching experience. Known around the globe for its high population of whales, Cape Cod Bay is a spectacular spot to take your first or fiftieth whale watching trip.

Wide Variety of Whale Species

Whale watching in Cape Cod Bay is an adventure that can bring you in touch with a wide variety of whale species. Unlike some whale watching areas that only have one or two species frequenting their waters, Cape Cod Bay commonly has finback, humpback, pilot, minke, and right whales, to name a few—and that’s just whales! Many whale watching outings include sightings of seals, dolphins, waterfowl, turtles, and more, giving you an exceptional up-close experience with nature that’s enjoyable for the whole family.

Whale Watching Guides

Our whale watching tour company operating in Cape Cod Bay takes whale watching seriously, hiring educated and knowledgeable guides and taking responsibility for caring for the whales’ natural habitat. We bring these naturalists on all our whale watching tours, so you can get all your whale questions answered as they arise, potentially providing you with a new perspective on whales and marine life. We also focus on protecting whales and their habitats from potentially damaging effects, giving them enough space while we observe them and working to reduce noises and emissions from our vessels.

Cape Cod Makes an Excellent Vacation Spot

In addition to being a great place to take a whale watch, Cape Cod has so much fun to offer, making it a great vacation spot for the whole family. Check out beautiful beaches, explore art galleries, wander historic lighthouses, and more from Provincetown to Plymouth. With all these benefits and nearby amenities, it’s easy to see why so many make Cape Cod their prime destination.